Chasing Contentment

Tuesday, January 24

A friend asked me the other day what job I would have if I could have my 'ideal but reasonable job.' What job would I like to have that isn't something so far-fetched as to be out of the realm of possibility?

I told her I didn't know. I really do enjoy what I do now, but I'm feeling more and more as if I'm ready for a change. I've done this one thing for years and years now, and while I love it and am quite good at it, I wonder if maybe I'm coming upon the time in my life when something different would be good for me.

As I've thought about her question, I keep coming back to this beading hobby of mine. I find myself energized by it, intrigued and challenged by it. And those are good things. I've never thought of myself as creative, but maybe I have more creativity than I give myself credit for (most likely that's true about lots of things for me). I think, in all honesty, my answer to that question would be that I want to do something with making jewelry.

Now, I have no idea how (or if) that will come about, but it's a fun dream for the moment. I'm still trying to figure out how to sell my jewelry, as the Etsy site hasn't sold anything (though with more than 10,000 jewelry items for sale, it's not surprising I haven't been able to compete with the sheer volume of items).

Someone suggested that I have a jewelry trunk show in my home, which sounds like a good idea but also sounds a little like asking my friends to buy stuff, which I'm not comfortable with doing. I have, however, talked with a few men friends and offered to make jewelry for their wives for Valentine's Day, and they've been very receptive to the idea (one said it was a 'ministry' but only because it got him out of shopping).

For now, I'll assume that small steps are good things, and that if God has something more creative in store for me professionally, that He'll show me that when the time is right.

[  posted by Chel on Tuesday, January 24, 2006  ]


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