Chasing Contentment

Thursday, January 12

I say over and again that one of the things I try hardest at is finding God's grace and generosity in the small things in my life, to remind myself that even when things are difficult, God is there.

The beading is my latest obsession, and I really do enjoy it on several levels. I need the cathartic movement of my hands on the beads and wire. I never get to bead when the kids are awake, so this has become a soothing evening ritual for me, something to occupy my hands and my head in different ways than those I'm accustomed to during the work day or the evening with the kids.

I enjoy moving the colors and textures around, finding the beads that work for me. And I'm always surprised when a piece is finished and is beautiful. It's as if something outside (or way deep inside) of me guides my hands to the finished product.

Last night, I was telling Mike that this beading is the first thing I've done in a long time that was just about me... I don't need Mike to help, I don't involve the kids. It's just me. And I'd really like to sell some of my pieces at my Etsy shop so that I could feel like I had an endeavor that was successful.

But even if I never sell a single piece, this has been a refreshing thing for me to to. I didn't believe I could, but I tried anyway, and it filled my soul in ways that I needed this last year.

I've shopped the bead store here in town (and we're getting a second tomorrow!) as well as several online stores. My favorite is Auntie's Beads because they've got a good selection & quick delivery (I want most everything right now, so quick delivery is a plus in my book!).

During the Christmas holidays, I got an email from them with Christmas wishes and a link to the owner's blog. I went to the Bead Man blog and discovered that he's a Christian. And for me, that was a neat thing.

One of the little blessings that I'm searching for in my days.

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