Chasing Contentment

Wednesday, January 4

It's been quite a morning - full of work-related stress, church-service-related stress, and a bit of amazingly good news. I love how God balances things out.

I made a decision this morning to stop participating in the little girls' mission group at church. I've been helping to lead the group for a year now, and while I love working with the girls, there is a lot about volunteering with this group that stresses me. I've considered quitting before - tried once! - but haven't because I do so enjoy the girls. But we've got other things going on in our family right now, and this seemed like the right time. There are new workers beginning tonight, and my departure won't leave a gap in the quality of the program presented to the girls. I'm sad about it, but I know that this is the right thing to do for my family right now. I think that my time is going to be best spent with them.

This way, we can take Griff to the boys' mission group on the nights that work for us, and we can stay home on those nights when homework is heavier or this or that. And tonight, we'll stay home and enjoy National Spaghetti Day with big plates of yummy pasta.

As I was feeling sad and stressed, a friend sent me an instant message to give me wonderful news. It's secret news for now, and I am humbly and deeply honored that she trusts me enough to share this with me. God has given me precious friends with whom I journey through this life. It is a priviledge.

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