Chasing Contentment

Friday, January 20

I've been reading essays by Blake Bailey, biographer and author of "A Tragic Honesty: The Life and Work of Richard Yates," on Slate. Mr. Bailey and his wife and young daughter had lived in New Orleans a mere two months when lost everything thanks to Katrina's ravaging of that city.

These are heartbreaking personal stories of the journey he and his little family are taking to rebuild their lives. They are encouraging narratives of the generosity of those around us.

And they are a stark reminder that New Orleans is nowhere near ready to be forgotten. Months later, there are still families displaced and suffering. There are still people lost and unsure. There are still homes lost and no insurance money coming to help replace them. There are needs that won't be met by Mayor Nagin making stupid statements or by signing a petition to remove Gov. Blanco from office.

I honestly don't know how to help all of those affected by Katrina - even those friends of ours who are dealing with displacement and moldy houses - except to pray. And so I'll pray.

[  posted by Chel on Friday, January 20, 2006  ]


The classroom I'm working in this year may be taking an autistic student who is a "Katrina refugee".

I think that all over the country folks are showing a willingness to be open to helping out in any way we can.

By Blogger Ellen, at 3:30 PM  

It is that kindness that I hope will give these people hope. Thank you, for being willing to be useful to that child.

By Blogger Chel, at 7:53 AM  

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