Chasing Contentment

Thursday, April 20

It's been a week... full of all of the good and bad of daily life, full of joy and sadness and fatigue (lots of that!), but most of all, full of God's direction in my life. I am exhausted and excited and crabby and grateful.

We began our journey last Friday (I sobbed as I left a sickly Eliza with her paternal grandparents, though she ended up having a wonderful visit), and by the time we landed in Florida that evening, Mike had fever from Eliza's virus. He was sick the entire time we were there (and is still sick today, poor thing), and Griff developed fever by Sunday evening.

Because the boys were both sick, I had to do lots of things on my own, which was good, if tiring. I was reminded of the strong, independent woman I was before marriage and family melded me into The Mama. And it was empowering to remember that I am still that woman, just different and better.

Mike's brother and his wife were God-sends this weekend, enabling me to do the things that needed to be done while allowing Mike to crash in their bedroom all weekend. I couldn't have accomplished what I did without their physical and emotional support, and I am so humbled by their love and by their excitement about our move.

In this week, I have sold our house here and selected and bought a house there, mostly on my own. We'll be moving into a house that no one but me will have seen. It's a precious house, and I'm delighted about it. And I am enthralled with the little old lady who is buying our house, which makes me so much more comfortable about leaving it.

I thought more than once during that miserable weekend that I wasn't as miserable as the situation offered, and that when we're all settled and happy in our new home, we'll have a great story to tell about our first visit there.

When I tell that story, I'll tell how God provided for me. I don't do well with paperwork and documents and official things, and I've had to do all of this because Mike's been so sick. And God has provided a realtor down there and a buyer here who have done all of the work for me.

God gave me a peace while we were there that the sickness wasn't a 'bad sign' but merely a reflection of the way that life goes on. We'll be okay there. And if I could get everyone well (and get a full night's sleep of my own), we'd be okay here, too.

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and the week just got better! YAY!

By Blogger Joshua, at 10:10 AM  

Praise God you found a house. I was praying for that. Now I know that it has happened. I want to see pictures!!!!

By Blogger The Pastor, at 10:33 PM  

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