Chasing Contentment

Sunday, April 30

There have been seasons in our lives as parents when I was discouraged and weary, when I thought none of us would ever be well again individually, much less all of us at once. That is such a feeling of being broken. I've felt it at times and not been able to see an end to the work of living.

W've been sick - collectively - for two weeks now, and while I escaped the horrible virus, I now have pinkeye. And now, if someone who has pinkeye waves at me from across the street, I'll get it, so it's no big deal except that I'm just worn out. Mike's got this strange reaction to the meds he took last week, and Griff's still taking the antibiotic for his ear infections.

And today, Griff fell off his bike - over the handlebars, actually - and is now missing a good portion of his front tooth. So tomorrow, we'll make a trip to the dentist and hope that the treatment isn't too painful.

Whew. And while I feel discouraged, I am not hopeless, which is always good. I know that my situation is temporary. And I am filling my heart with prayers for a friend whose father is gravely ill. And I am excited for tomorrow... Mandy has graciously allowed me to accompany her to her doctor's appointment to see this precious baby on the ultrasound. How can anyone be too discouraged when anticipating a baby?

[  posted by Chel on Sunday, April 30, 2006  ]


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