Chasing Contentment

Saturday, April 29

This business of changing lives is hard work. When we initially told Griff about the move, I told him there would be days when he was exited and days when he was sad. I told him both kinds of days were okay. Today is one of my sad days.

I've been doing so well, feeling so thankful for the easy way things were going. I've been grateful to God for reminding me that He is, ultimately, in charge of creating our destiny. I've also been grateful that - because of Mike being sick - I've had to do more than I expected to do with the business end of all of this. Through that, God has reminded me that I am stronger and more capable than I think at times.

But having to do so much so quickly has taken its toll on me. Today, I'm tired and sad. It's raining outside... the kind of rainy spring day that I usually love. But inside, there's so much to do, and I'm a little overwhelmed by it.

Griff and Eliza are now playing at Mandy & Josh's, something Griff's been asking to do since the morning. And the hour or so without the kids makes it easier for me to get things done, but it also makes me sad. I love having friends so close. I love that my kids love to be in their home. I miss that, even now.

I keep reminding myself of what I told Griff... it's okay to be sad some days, as long as we remember that God has great plans for us in this new life.

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