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Monday, May 1

For me to remember... to record the excitment...

May 1, 2006
My dear Mandy,
I am beyond excited about this baby you're carrying. I know you and Josh are, too. And all of your family and your extended family and on and on. Eliza and I sometimes play a game of naming everyone who loves her (I did that with Griff, too, and now he plays when we do it with Eliza), and there is always such a long list. Your baby is going to be that way, too... well loved.

As I get ready to leave, not being here with you as you go through this pregnancy is one of my greatest regrets. And yet, I know God's timing is perfect, and there are reasons we cannot yet imagine for the timing of our move and of your baby. And you know that you can call me anytime, and I will listen and help. And you know that when you or Josh call and say that it's time, I'll get the first flight out so that I can be there with you when this little one arrives, even if it's only to sit in the waiting room and monitor The Trinity... those dear, sweet women who are going to smother this baby in love and drive you crazy in the process.

Since I'm going to miss a lot of the day-to-day opportunities to wish you well in this journey toward motherhood, I thought I'd write you a monthly Mama Mandy letter and give you all of the really crazy advice I could think of at that moment. :) Sounds like me, huh?

So this is your first one. And I'm going to try to do one on the first of every month between now and your due date, with the exception of July 1, when we'll all be moving us to Florida. I'll write that one later. Promise.

The missed ultrasound this morning is just another example of how being pregnant and dealing with appointments and such helps to prepare you for motherhood... it involves lots of planning and rarely goes the way you expect it to go. But there's always next week's appointment to anticipate, and much of being a mama is like that. There will always be something frustrating and something else to anticipate.

For the rest of your life, I'm sorry to say, people will want to give you advice on how to mother your children... shoot, I'm doing it now, aren't I? I've told you this before, but it really is great advice... listen to all of it, sift through it, and keep what fits you. Ignore the rest. Mothering is about instincts. Learn to listen to yours. And Josh's. Some. :)

Sleep now. Watch movies in the middle of the afternoon now. Take a trip or two with Josh now while you don't have to pack baby stuff to go somewhere. Take hot baths while you can still get out of the tub without assistance.

Take it easy. Your body is about the vigorous work of creating a baby! I think the way our bodies can make babies is one of God's best works.

And you are going to be a great mother. Really. When I found out about Eliza, and I wasn't at all sure I wanted another baby (since we'd always said we didn't), I took lots of comfort in something a friend of mine once told me. You and Josh have wanted this baby for so long that I know you're not hesitant about the baby. But on those days when you're tired and weary and unsure about what your future will be like, remember this...

You don't have to supply any love at all for this baby. God sends babies with enough love for all of you. All you have to do is show up, and this baby will give you enough love for you to give it back in overwhelming amounts. And you and Josh and this baby will be something amazing... you'll be a family.

love you,

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Just beautiful... I'll take these to heart as well.

By Blogger crisper, at 1:58 PM  

Take whatever you want to heart, but you're already a mama expert. You're going to do just as great with this next baby.

By Blogger Chel, at 6:19 PM  

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