Chasing Contentment

Friday, May 19

I am no Pollyanna. I rarely expect people (outside of my immediate circle of trusted ones) to do the right thing. And Mike and I have been in a certain situation for long enough that very little surprises me.

People pursue money and fame and power, and they become corrupt, whether that was their initial nature or not. I don't believe that all money, fame, or power corrupts, but I do believe that the unflinching pursuit of any or all of those things can corrupt.

This week, I've watched as men and women with power and revenge in their sights did harmful things to good men and women... to their careers, their reputations, the very lives. And it has hurt my soul to be near this kind of evil. Evil that hides behind a veil of 'Christian values' is still evil.

While all of this has swirled around me this week, my grandparents have been visiting and providing much-needed distractions. They've been enjoying time alone with Eliza, their only great-granddaughter, and I know that they'll visit us less often once we are living in Florida, so this is precious time.

But my heart has been heavy with their visit, too, because when they leave for home tomorrow, they'll take a dear member of our family with them. Mike and I bought a Boston Terrier puppy after we'd been married a few years, and it was only after Griff was born that my allergies finally were so bad that I was tested. By then, I loved that dog too much to give her away, and I began taking allergy shots to help with my allergy to pet dander.

But with this move, we decided that it would be better for my allergies if she didn't go with us. My grandparents had been looking for an inside dog, and my Bernie loves them already. She'll get more attention from two retirees than she gets from my bustling family anyway. But still, my heart is breaking to let her go.

I'm torn between anxious to go and get settled and too heartbroken to leave.

[  posted by Chel on Friday, May 19, 2006  ]


awwe, sweet girl! i'm sorry you're having to part ways with bernie. i know it's difficult but you're right about all the attention that she will be getting.

i think to me "evil that hides behind a veil of 'Christian values' " is like one of the worst for me to handle. it just hurts so many people and breaks down work that others have put much time and effort into.

thanks for your posts, and i'll be back soon!


By Blogger Radical One, at 11:09 PM  

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