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Wednesday, May 24

I love Slate's Today's Papers, and some days after I read that, I bop around and see what else they've got. Today, Blogging the Bible caught my eye.

David Plotz, Slate's deputy editor (and author of "Genius Factory," which is on my Amazon list), is reading through the Bible and blogging about his impressions as a "proud Jew, but not a terribly observant one." Clearly, because he is a Jew and I am a Christian, we have different responses to many of the Bible stories he's blogging about.

But because I'm currently trying to read through the Bible myself - 'fresh' as he calls it, without commentaries so my impressions are mine alone - and because so many of the customs of Biblical times are so foreign to my understanding, many of our responses are similar, too.

[  posted by Chel on Wednesday, May 24, 2006  ]


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