Chasing Contentment

Sunday, May 14

Only in the deep South could the keynote speaker at the commencement ceremonies of a public institution of higher learning focus her comments on faith. At Mike's doctoral graduation Friday evening, the speaker - Sally Ann Roberts, anchor at WWL in New Orleans - did just that.

She had me in tears within moments of beginning her remarks. I was touched by her. I was inspired by her. At a school where 4,000 students were impacted directly by Hurricane Katrina and 1,000 students have yet to return, her remarks were poignant. She reminded those in attendance that faith was what got them to that moment in time and that faith was what would continue to carry them along.

Toward the end of her talk, she said that we should not hide our light. And then she asked everyone to join her in singing the first verse of "This Little Light of Mine." The voices joined in softly at first and increased to a great swell that filled the coliseum. It was astounding.

I am so proud of my Dr. Mike and all that he went through to achieve this distinction. I will remember that evening forever.

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