Chasing Contentment

Monday, May 22

This move has felt very real for quite some time now, but I gave my two weeks notice at work this morning, and everything feels very real now. I've got enough leave time that this Thursday will be my last day at work.

In a lovely bit of perfect timing, my boss and friend here at work has gotten another job and will be leaving the same day as I am. She, Aleece, and I have had this work magic going on... this lightening in a bottle thing happening. We have each complimented the other, balanced one another out, made one another better at our jobs. We've most likely made one another better people, too.

I don't hope to find this again at a new job. But I will forever treasure this time that I've had with these two remarkable women. We've laughed and cried together. We've lived through births and deaths and all manner of things in between.

While I'm excited about the new lives Mike, the kids and I are going to create, there's not much between now and the move that isn't packing or goodbye. And leaving these two precious women ... with whom I have had the good fortune to spend my workdays... it's one of the hardest goodbyes I'll say.

Having the opportunity to leave these jobs with Linda is a lovely thing, indeed. Somehow it seems fitting that we do this together.

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