Chasing Contentment

Monday, June 12

I have shed more tears in the last month than in the last six. And I have shed the majority of those in the last two weeks, and I suspect this coming week will best those. I expected this to be hard, but I honestly hadn't anticipated it being this hard.

Mike took Eliza to daycare this morning for the last time, and I will pick her up this afternoon at that special place for the last time. I have loved that place and those people and leaving them breaks my heart. I don't have a place for Eliza yet in our new hometown, and while I know God will provide, I cannot imagine a place like this.

The same women who rocked my tiny Eliza rocked my chubby Griffin. The owners are people I know by their given names, and they are a couple who cared for Griff and Eliza both through their first allergic reactions. My children have been cared for, taught, and loved by these people in this place.

Griff and a precious little girl who has been in his classes through daycare and into the magnet elementary school were the first two children in the daycare. I know without a doubt that God provided these people to help us rear our children with love and grace. And I trust that He will provide a new place for both of them. I have to believe that or this becomes harder than it already is.

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