Chasing Contentment

Saturday, June 10

We've got a week left here in this house, in our home. I'm ready, and I'm not. I'm tired and sad. Again, thank you to everyone who has left encouraging comments here. I am deeply appreciative.

The trip with Griff and his friend drove me a bit crazy, as expected, but the boys seemed to have fun, which was our goal. We're home now, and my goal for the evening is to wash all of the bedding (except one set of sheets for each bed) so I can pack and have everything ready when we arrive (we won't have a washer/dryer until we buy one once we're there).

After we got home this afternoon, the kids were playing on the water slide, and Griff was stung by a bee. Poor kid. Thankfully, he hasn't reacted to it. With all of his allergies, we're always cautious. While I know without a doubt that this move is God's will for us, I also sometimes wonder what else will happen to wear me out and make this harder.

At times like this, I am grateful for my faith. I just can't imagine how people can go through such difficulty without God.

[  posted by Chel on Saturday, June 10, 2006  ]


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