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Sunday, July 23

Mama Mandy - July
July 22, 2006
Dear Mandy,
I'm late. I was late last month. It's a good thing that the timely arrival of your baby isn't somehow symbolically tied to the promptness of my monthly Mama Mandy emails.

We had a wonderful time with ya'll when you were here. I miss you already. But I'm just delighted that you held down as many meals as you did. It was us, you know... good karma. And it'll just get better from here. Before you know it, you'll be eating everything in sight and putting on that precious baby bump.

I know you're getting lots of baby advice from family and complete strangers. You're way ahead of where I was at this point... you are already good at ignoring unnecessary advice. That'll take you farther than you know. Now, of course, all of the advice from me should be heeded. :) Truth be told, you and Josh probably don't need a lot of advice... ya'll are going to be great parents.

I watched you with Griff and Eliza last week, and you both have all of this patience and love and tenderness to give. Your baby is going to be well loved, and in this world, that really is the most important thing, I think, that mamas and daddies can give their babies.

Love teaches our children that they are safe within our homes and families. Love then stretches to teach them they are safe outside of our small world. Love shows them to accept and embrace other people. Love will push them to try new things because they'll be assured of your support and acceptance. Your love will teach them to love. Loving leads to loving.

You are amazing.

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