Chasing Contentment

Thursday, July 20

We had a fabulous time with Mandy and Josh this week. They arrived at just the right time to remind my homesick heart that we still have dear friends and that we are still loved. The time with them encouraged me that the friendships we hold dear from our previous life will remain even if they have to change because of the distance. And that is a refreshing and revitalizing knowledge.

(My friend, LeeAnn, has been my friend since before I could drive a car, but we haven't lived in the same state in more than a decade. The emails and calls I receive from her have reminded me that some things in my life have stayed the same, thankfully, since the move.)

Josh kept us busy this week. We spent Sunday at Cypress Gardens where Griff, Josh and I rode our first roller coaster together. The first lap was no fun at all, but I loved the second and third. The boys didn't agree with me. Griff and I rode some crazy ride that terrified my little man and nearly made me as sick as Mandy. And despite the searing heat, Griff was a sport and rode the kiddie rides with Eliza.

The ski show was fabulous, and Griff had a ball... I think we all did. The ski show and the hokey shows were all the our little mama-to-be Mandy could do. She was quite the trooper in the heat. I was very impressed.

We took a day off and ran around our new hometown, visited a water park with the kids and the boys went to a movie while I went to a job interview. Mandy kindly stayed with Eliza.

The next day, we were off to Tampa to visit the zoo and the aquarium. It was hot again, but we got to see the baby elephant (Josh loves elephants) and the manatees. We all - Eliza included - got to touch the stingrays and starfish.
And when Josh finally wore us out, we all stayed home and watched old cartoons on Boomerang and played poker. The comfort level with them in our home is something ... God-given. I am grateful to God for them. I am grateful to them for being who they are.

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