Chasing Contentment

Monday, July 3

The weekend with Chuck and Stacy and the kids was just what we all needed. Stacy and I took Eliza and Hannah to see Care Bears Live, and we all had a good time. Eliza lasted through most of it before she got restless... she really made it much longer than I'd expected.

Of course, I may have to stop going to children's productions since this one made me cry, too. The little girl character opened the show by talking about how her best friend moved and she was missed. Thankfully, the Care Bears came out soon after and I stopped crying before anyone but Stacy noticed.

Then, we all spent the evening at Stacy's parents' house (again, we have been so blessed to have been taken in by such dear family and extended family). The kids all got to play in the pool - Eliza loved paddling around in the hippo - and the big kids got to be pulled on the raft behing the boat... even some of us really big kids.

And we all had a blast. The little boys rode first, and then Stacy's dad offered to take the two of us. I talked her into it, and I haven't laughed that much in ... I don't know how long. It was fabulous.
Mike and I got to ride together, and of course both of us ended up in the lake. It was not my most graceful moment trying to get back up on that darned raft while everyone watched, but still, I had a ball. It was so important for us to have some fun together.

Now, today, I've been sad. We always did the 4th with Mandy and Josh, and I will miss them tomorrow. We're going back to spend the day with Chuck and Stacy and the kids, and I know it will be fun, but I will still miss Mandy and Josh.

A former co-worker of mine died suddenly on Saturday, and her funeral was this morning. And I am saddened by her loss and by the distance that prevented me from being at the service.

I have to keep reminding myself that this transition is going to take time for all of us. Just like I take it easy on Griff and understand that he needs extra hugs and just like I am softer to Eliza because I know she's still unsettled, I need to give myself that extra little bit of time, too.

I really am confident that this is the place God has for us and that we're going to work out so well here. It's just that for the moment... it's an up and down existence.

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You certainly deserve a little "extra" -- my prayer today is that you find some extra in your day.

By Blogger crisper, at 9:17 AM  

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