Chasing Contentment

Friday, August 11

God sends blessings even in our discomfort. I know that. This week, I've gotten emails and calls from friends (even an email from an old friend I haven't heard from in a very long time), and I've been encouraged through them.

I've also seen my kids thrive in their new environments, which is an answer to the prayers of many dear folks. I spent the day today in one interview after another, and I am encouraged that I may be able to get a job after all.

Today, I am proud of a friend of mine who worked hard to earn her master's degree after having two children. That's an accomplishment that is full of encouragement.

And then this evening, I read the sweetest post by Josh. It's a precious testimony to our little Eliza.

I know there are going to be hard days and weeks just like there will be exciting and wonderful days and weeks. It's nice to know that God is there with me in both knds of times and that He will sustain us all.

[  posted by Chel on Friday, August 11, 2006  ]


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