Chasing Contentment

Wednesday, August 9

It's been a pitiful day around here, with me wanting nothing more than to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head and pretend everything was just right. I'm lonely and sad, struggling with job decisions and child care options, missing dear friends, and wishing I had someone here to talk to, to gripe with, to help me through this time. My sister-in-law, Stacy, has been amazing, but she lives an hour away and can't just be my go-to girl all the time. I miss having go-to girls.

My folks bought us a new dishwasher since the one in the house was crappy, and it arrived today and is fab! I'm going to start using real glasses and cooking again. And yet, even that wasn't enough to take away the heart sadness of being without familiar faces.

Anyway, so I don't just whine about being lonely, I'm going to give the latest Carnival of Beauty - Chocolate! - link and let today's post go at that. I'm hoping to get the kids in bed and get to read all of the entries myself before watching this week's "Project Runway."

[  posted by Chel on Wednesday, August 09, 2006  ]


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