Chasing Contentment

Tuesday, August 8

I've signed up to sell my jewelry at a craft fair in early November, and I'm trying to begin working on pieces to show.

I'm looking at fall colors, holiday stuff, things I hope will be interesting. I'm also trying new techniques, which isn't always easy for me.

I'm trying to work with some wire these days, and these are some of my first attempts. In this one, I used red wire with red and white beads. I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and it's really easy to wear because the wire is super light.

This bracelet was made with silver wire and glass beads. They're some of my favorite beads because they're fun and versatile and just plain groovy.

It's been good to have the beading hobby this summer. It gave me a sense of balance in the craziness of moving, and then when we arrived, it gave me a sense of self. This is something I love, and it's important to me to have something that I'm good at right now.

[  posted by Chel on Tuesday, August 08, 2006  ]


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