Chasing Contentment

Sunday, August 6

We had the perfect beach weekend with family. We returned home burned, bruised and bandaged - well, Mike & I are burned, Griff is bruised, and I'm bandaged - but remarkably happy. It was a lovely way to spend our last official weekend of summer. Tomorrow, both kids will go to their schools for their first full days. I haven't been so nervous about a first day of school since Griff went to kindergarten (our niece, Hannah, starts kindergarten tomorrow, too, so there are nerves to go around).

In this, too, God is taking care of us. Griff's school is nicer than the magnet school he attended before, and the school is equipped with a fulltime nurse and three-bed health clinic. On Wednesday, we'll meet with Griff's new teacher, the nurse and some of his specials teachers to establish a plan for his health care in the event that he has an allergic reaction at school. I am pleased beyond words.

As we were filling out forms in his classroom at orientation last week, another mother and child were doing the same, and she told the teacher that they needed to meet about her child's food allergies. I listened in, and her child has multiple allergies like Griff, and while I hate that for their family, it is great for Griff. For the first time, he won't be the only one in his class with allergies. And I now have the name of someone who can point me toward doctors who specialize in the problems with deal with regarding the kids.

I still don't have a job, and I still have moments of fear associated with that, especially now that we won't all be home together (I've decided to volunteer at Griff's school until I get a job). But just as everything else with this job has fallen into place, I am waiting on the Lord to provide, as I am sure He will.

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