Chasing Contentment

Thursday, September 21

Rarely do I go an entire week without posting anything, but it's been an odd week. I told Mandy earlier this week that I was going to stop emailing, blogging, and writing in my planner. For those who know me well, that's just crazy talk.

I guess I haven't really posted anything this week because I've had such random thoughts, and I haven't been able to gather them together into a cohesive post. But maybe cohesive isn't necessary. So here's a sampling of my random thoughts this week...

Something about the drive from work to Griff's school each afternoon makes me sad. It's not a long drive, and it isn't as if I don't make that drive in the mornings, too. But something about the afternoons makes me cry.

We had a talk today in class from the regional vice president of the corporation I work for now, and he talked about how employees who show 'hunger' and 'drive' are promoted. I'm not hungry or driven, but I'm a competent and consistent worker. Does that count for anything?

I made Catch A Man dip this week for work & am currently deciding on it as dinner for this evening. It's not healthy but it's yummy.

The trip home last weekend was fabulous. I made the trip easily - read a fabulous book on the plane - and am still quite proud of myself for going it alone. And it was just what I needed to spend time with people I love. There is something precious about spending time in someone's home, in someone's presence.

I talk to Mandy, Aleece, and Linda two or three times a week (thank heavens for unlimited long distance minutes!), but it isn't the same as being together in person. We all laughed and joked, and it was so nice to be with people who love me and who I love. It does, however, make me miss them all the more.

Despite my certainty that I wanted a job doing something very different, I am discovering that I miss the writing in my previous job. I miss taking words and melding them together to make something new. I volunteered to write something at work today - something, anything. I'd love to find some sort of freelance thing that I could do. Shoot, I wouldn't have to get paid.

And on a funny note, everyone in my job thinks I'm crafty. For those who know me personally, I would never consider myself 'crafty.' And yet, maybe I am. I do make jewelry. I do like to put up groovy decorations. Maybe I am crafty. But it makes me laugh anyway.

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