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Friday, September 29

Yesterday, Griff's art teacher told him the picture he was painting reminded her of Wassily Kandinsky and his expressionist works. Griff thought that was really neat, and we've printed out a few of his paintings for Griff's room. I love it when he's drawn to artistic things.

Of course, his brain is wired more for math and science. He's doing these challenge math pages that I'm not sure I know all of the answers for, and he told Eliza yesterday that clouds were recycling. I had to hear that explaination! Of course, when he explained to her about rain and evaporation and such, it actually made sense. Good for him.

(Photo thanks to Wikipedia.)

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How super that Griff is continuing in his art -- and how super that his elementary art teacher knows Kandinsky's work. As Deb B. would say, hopefully they're not doing paper plate art.

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