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Monday, October 16

Oct. 16
Mandy, Mandy,
Well, I'm late again. Have you noticed how this move has thrown me all topsy-turvy? I can't even get simple calendar things done on time. It's like I'm... Mike. Ok, let's not dwell on that, huh?

You are SO close now! Like I said, you're at 30 weeks & you're only two weeks away from when I had Eliza. We want you to go 10 full more weeks, but still. You're closing in on holding that sweet little girl in your arms.

I know you're tired now. You're going to get more and more tired as Olivia gets bigger and bigger. Be prepared for that, and - I know this will be difficult for you - don't push yourself. Try to remember that for these next 10 weeks, you're only responsible for yourself (Josh can take care of himself). After that, your life will be completely different. Listen to your body now and rest when you can.

If you haven't already, call Dr. D and get him on board as Olivia's pediatrician. He's fabulous. If you need his phone number, call Linda. You can list her, too, as a contact on his form since all of her kids use him. And tell him we miss him.

Go ahead and pick up a pack of diapers every couple of weeks when you go to the store. Not a bad plan to go ahead and build up a stockpile of those and wipes. You're going to use far more than you think. And I've got coupons I'll send you.

You'll get lots of great stuff at those November showers, and you'd better have someone take lots of pictures. I can't believe I'm not there for this! Trust me, though, my gifts are fabulous!

I'll say a prayer before bed tonight that your family's houses dry out quickly and that everyone's safe and sound and that Aunt Sissy makes it home soon.

love you (and Josh and Olivia),

[  posted by Chel on Monday, October 16, 2006  ]


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