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Monday, November 27

Holiday Surprises
I always say I'm not a big fan of surprises, but I think that's not actually true. I don't like those horrible, big public production surprises that, for me, seem less like surprises and more like intentional acts of humiliation.

But the random email from a long-lost friend, the unexpected card or gift in the mail, the smile from a stranger, the compliment from a co-worker... I love those surprises.

A day or so ago I overheard Griff telling Mike that our lives had had lots of surprises lately. He told Mike that it was a surprise when we got Eliza and that it was a surprise when we learned we were going to move here. He's right about both of those things.

My list of surprises above includes all good things, all things that make me smile. But I've found through experience that not all surprises feel good at first, or even in the middle. Sometimes, they don't really feel good until long, long times later.

Sometimes my surprises are simply God trying to teach me. Probably, if I was honest with myself, most times. I think there's value to be learned in even the smallest gesture, if only the lesson that if it makes me feel valued, it would probably make someone else feel valued, too, and thus, be worth sharing.

Griff's right... Eliza was a surprise. The short time I spent carrying her was difficult, and her first year of life was difficult. But she is such a blessing. And I have learned a lot about love through her.

Our move here was a surprise, and as I've written about before, it's not been an easy transition for me. But I've found new sides to my personality (maybe just forgotten sides), and I've found a peace and a freedom in putting all of my trust in the Lord.

I'm working on my Christmas presents already, and sometimes it makes me sad. I'll miss seeing the expressions on people's faces as they open my gifts. But as I wrap each gift and pack them for mailing, I imagine the smiles as they're opened. And I say little prayers for each of the recipients, wishing that the surprises they'll experience this holiday season will be blessed.

And I'm working on being thankful - on saying little prayers of gratitude - to God for the surprises He's put in my life and for the work he's doing in my soul.

[  posted by Chel on Monday, November 27, 2006  ]


Being thankful is always a very good thing.
Saying prayers that you'll have a good time getting used to your new location.

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