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Thursday, November 2

Mama Mandy, November
Hey, Mandy...
I thought I'd surprise you and be on time this month. The first thing, of course, is that we are delighted that you've made it to 32 weeks and that you and Olivia are both still doing well. I know you were worried about Olivia those first 12 weeks, but I have to admit, Mike and I have been more worried as you've approached the point at which I had Eliza. And we breathed a big sigh of relief today when we talked about you being past that.

Now we both hope you carry Olivia right on up to your 40th week, but there's a big relief in knowing that if you were to have her early for some reason, she'd be okay. Think of it... you saw Eliza when she was born... that's how big Olivia is now in your tummy. How amazing, crazy, terrifying is that?!

Other than that, there's not much advice to give you at this point. You're getting bigger and probably more and more tired and more clumsy and feeling more like your body is taking on this odd cumbersome feeling. And that's the good part. You're not going to be sleeping as well, and you'll have to pee almost as often as I do normally. And that seems like a really lousy Mama Mandy letter to write.

So hand the computer to Josh. I'm done with you for the moment.

Hi, Josh.
Welcome to your first (and most likely only) Daddy JDG letter. Surprise. Now, don't get too excited. I asked Mike to contribute (I know... you're wondering if I was doing crack at the time... Mike? write a sweet letter?), and that turned out about how you'd expect. So these are my observations with a few of his mixed in... you'll be able to tell them apart, I'm sure.

You're on this crazy journey with Mandy, and it's just beginning. The pregnancy is nothing compared to the joys and hardships and just general wackiness that will come with being Olivia's daddy. I know you're so very excited about meeting this daughter you've waited for for so long. But take a little time in these next couple of months to really enjoy Mandy because things will change dramatically when Olivia arrives.

Go see fun grown-up movies at the theatre. Rub Mandy's tired feet (tell Mandy I said she'd better let you!). Sleep (I know you'll take me up on that one!). Trust Dr. A. In general, whatever he suggests for Mandy is what you suppport, regardless of what Mandy says.

Mike suggested that one as we discussed Eliza's early arrival. Mike says that at this point in the pregnancy, you love Olivia but you adore Mandy. You know Mandy. He and I came at Eliza's arrival from completely different perspectives. He was worried about my health with little regard for Eliza while I never once considered what the illness might do to me. I just kept asking about Eliza. Right now, Mandy is responsible totally for Olivia, and it's a huge obligation. You, on the other hand, are responsible for Mandy. Having loved Mandy, too, I know that your job is far more difficult.

You're going to be a great daddy, you know. You're kind and compassionate and caring, and little girls need daddies who are like that. She's gonna have you wrapped around her little finger before she starts daycare. And it'll just get worse through the years. And you'll gripe about it, but secretly, you'll love it.

On Sundays, you'll take her to church and let all of the little old ladies hold her (if Linda lets her go) and then you'll take her home and prop her up on the sofa between the two of you to watch football, and it'll crack you up to have both of your girls with you watching tv. And you'll take pictures and send them to us. You've taken a ton of pictures of our kids; I can't imagine how many you'll take of Olivia (no naked pix, though, ok? give the girl some dignity).

Now. You've got work to do, Mister. Put down the laptop and go tell Mandy you love her. Tell her that you are in awe of the work her body is doing by creating this whole new person. Tell her that she's the strongest woman you know (because she's certainly in my top three). Tell her that you respect her in brand new ways because of the way she's handling this pregnancy. Better yet, tell her that you'll love and support her even if she goes back to covering cops after Olivia's born. Tell her that the three of you are going to be a fantastic family, if only because Mama Chel said so.

with all our love,

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