Chasing Contentment

Sunday, November 12

My first craft fair was this weekend, and while it wasn't a financial success, it was an experience. I was grateful to have Chuck, Stacy and the kids come down for the day, and Stacy sat with me at my poorly visited booth all day, which was sweet. I have been blessed to have had her close by me throughout this move adjustment. It's been really wonderful to have a built-in friend in her.

Mike had worried when I signed up for this fair that it might not be my crowd, and he was right. The overall grouping was really... well, old. I saw more fannie packs yesterday than in all my life before! And, as it turns out, fannie pack people don't buy groovy jewelry.

But on the positive side, I now have tons of jewelry for gifts this holiday season. And one of the organizers suggested that my jewelry was less 'craft fair' and more boutique or 'art fair,' and she encouraged me to apply for a juried at fair that the town hosts in the spring.

Now, right now, I'm thinking I'm not up for another craft fair for... well, ever. But maybe that's the fatigue talking (Eliza was up at 3 this morning with 102 fever), so I'll revisit the idea later in the week.

I did manage to buy a cute, homey gift for Griff's teacher for Christmas, and I bought stocking stuffers for the kids. And Stacy and I saw some of the silliest people during the day... like the guy with the parrot on his shoulder and the guy with the statue of a gator holding a big beer that said, 'it's 5 o'clock somewhere.'

Clearly, not my group of jewelry buyers.

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Thanks for the sweet comments:) We'll just have to find the right "event" for showing your groovey stuff! Hope Eliza's feeling better soon.

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