Chasing Contentment

Sunday, December 31

And so, the year draws to a close. To be perfectly honest, I'm okay with letting 2006 go. It wasn't a kind year to us. It was productive, yes. It propelled our family toward better things, yes. But in no way was it an enjoyable year.

Mike and I were talking last night about this year and about what we'd like for our family in 2007. Mike said that this entire year felt like transition. Even last January, we knew something was going to change in terms of our job situations, and we knew that likely meant a move.

Pretty much, all of 2006 was reactive. We were just treading water, trying to keep our heads above the waves that were crashing in on us.

For years, I watched Buffy every Tuesday evening. Joss Whedon is an amazing writer and story-teller, and sometimes, there would be episodes that were essential to furthering the plotline. Usually, however, those driving episodes weren't really that entertaining. They were dense with information, difficult emotionally at times, and not easy to understand.

And yet, they contained all of the necessary elements to make the next episodes amazing. In a lot of ways, 2006 was our own little driving episode. It was full of positive portent for the future but emotionally difficult and not easy to understand. We're grateful for it, for the things we learned during it, but we're also really ready to begin again.

Our hopes for 2007 are pretty simple... We'd like to get back on a solid footing, all around. We'd like to get our finances back in order (five months with no salary at all this year, plus the moving expenses left us depleted). We'd like to get involved in a church here. We'd like to put down roots.

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Happy New Year! I hope that this year is a little more settled for you.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:53 PM  

I, too, share your pleasure in bidding farewell to the 2006 chapter of my life. Certainly I've had worse years, but this one was a year of constant change and family scares that have left me exhausted. Our move wasn't as radical as yours, certainly. But I share your need to "put down roots" in a new hometown. I truly hope 2007 brings us all the inner peace and contentment we're chasing.

By Blogger Terri, at 12:33 PM  

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