Chasing Contentment

Friday, December 8

We've reached a standoff, Griff and I. I'm quite sure he knows that Mike and I are Santa, but he insists on proving it scientifically. I keep trying to trick him into admitting that he knows, but he's not budging.

And I want so badly for him to admit it so that we can do Santa together for Eliza that I can hardly stand it, but I'm not going to just tell him.

So we wait... while Mike laughs at the two of us.

I'm seven years older than my brother, and I fondly remember helping Dad put together John's toys on Christmas Eve. It was this fabulous secret that I shared with my parents, and I honestly can hardly wait to share that with Griff.

On the phone with my dad this evening, I mentioned it to him, and he said I should tell Griff. He talked about how much fun he and I had with Santa for John, and it was a precious thing for him to say that. Sometimes I remember things differently than he or my mother do, and it was really lovely to know that we shared that memory.

I've even decided how I'd like to tell Griff (if I tell him this year, we can play together this year!) if I can convince Mike to play along.

Each year, I write Santa letters to all of the kids in my little group. I print them on the printer on pretty holiday paper & then address the envelopes from the North Pole, and the kids always get so excited when they receive them.

I think I'd like this Santa letter to Griff to invite him to play with us, to be a part of being Santa for Eliza. I've got it all written in my head, if only I could get Mike to sign off on it.

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