Chasing Contentment

Monday, January 15

It was a fabulous trip, even if I am exhausted now. Olivia was precious and a delight. And, as always, it was good to be in the presence of trusted friends.

[  posted by Chel on Monday, January 15, 2007  ]


She's so sweet! I can only imagine what a thrill the trip must have been for you all. :-)

By Anonymous Sallie, at 4:53 PM  

She is gorgeous! How is Mandy now? What a wonderful answer to prayer!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:52 AM  

Mandy got a good report at the cardiologist this week, and she doesn't have to go back for another three months, so we're hopeful. Thank you, again, for all of the prayers.

And yes, the trip was wonderful. Essentially, I held Olivia the whole weekend.

By Blogger Chel, at 3:28 PM  

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