Chasing Contentment

Thursday, February 1

I was tagged this week by Val at Purple Valley, which was a delightful surprise. As per the meme, I'm supposed to reveal five things my readers don't know about me. So here goes...

1. I hate raisins but I love Raisinettes. (Griff would say that's a Fannie Dooley from all of those years of watching Zoom.)

2. If given a gift certificate to the mall with the requirement that I spend the money on clothes, I would always prefer to buy pajamas. And without the clothing requirement, I would buy cosmetics and bath products. I'm a product junkie.

3. I am far harder on myself than anyone else ever is, and I tend to give myself less credit than I often deserve.

4. I sometimes make frozen margaritas in Griff's slushy maker (I lost my really great blender in the move) in the garage after the kids go to bed (it's a loud slushy maker).

5. I listen to NPR on Mondays (on the Mondays that I'm in the van... Mike's truck radio doesn't work at all) and I love the "This I Believe" series, and I'm always trying to decide what my essay would be if I ever had the never to submit one of my own.

** Mike says that I'm secretly crafty. And Griff says my secret is that I'm really nice on the inside and that I do nice things but that I pretend to be really tough and that I pretend to yell but that he and Mike are the only ones who can tell I don't really mean it. :)

And now I invite Mika, Tammy, and Craig to play along.

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So fun :) Thanks for linking me, Chel :)

By Blogger Val, that's me, at 10:07 AM  

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