Chasing Contentment

Monday, February 12

Last Friday, Tammy posted her first fresh friday, and I was so busy painting this weekend that I didn't answer any of the questions. But I do love a good survey type thing, and so I thought I'd do that today (you know... instead of watching another Strawberry Shortcake dvd with Eliza).

1. if you could straight-up, successfully change one element of your life this year, what would it be? I would be actively involved in a church where we were all having our spiritual needs met and where we had found a sense of true community and acceptance.

2. what kind of knowledge are you most hungry for in life? I'm afraid one of my downfalls in life might be that I'm not just really hungry for knowledge, in general. We tease that Mike's in charge of knowledge. But my prayer would be that I would become hungry for God's word in a way that I have been before and am missing now.

3. what really stupid thing do you think about too often? whether or not my life would be better if my weight were less

4. what one thing do you really respect in others? The ability to stand up for something they believe in... regardless of the personal cost. Mike's like that, and I am in awe of his convictions.

5. would you call yourself a patient person? What makes you impatient? Nope. No one would call me patient. I want everything right now.

6. what one thing do you wish others respected in you? my compassion, humanity, sense of humor

7. do you trust other people to keep your secrets/honour their promises/do the right thing when it comes to you? There exists a small group of people - very small, truth be told - with whom I trust my innermost secrets, who I trust to do the right thing. It's something I struggle with at this point... I'm not so big on trusting right now. Those few, though, I trust completely.

8. do you think people who are doing/saying stupid things need to be told, or is it none of your business? Live and let live. That's my motto. Now, if someone asks my opinion, I'll tell it. But in general, experience has directed me toward the whole everyone's on his own theory.

And now it's time to cut off Strawberry Shortcake and send Eliza to bed and Griff to his room to read.

[  posted by Chel on Monday, February 12, 2007  ]


You are already GREATLY respected for your sense of compassion and humanity! Your sense of humor is wonderful because you can see the irony no one else often can. But oh Michele! You are respected for so much more! Your loyalty, your generosity, your dedication to the ones you love are all traits I have admired in your since the day we met in junior high school. You have the ability to forgive, to love deeply, to love even after you have been hurt or let down by someone. Your desire to love in spite of the pain it can bring is so much more admirable than to never take the chance! AND the fact that you truly do not know how beautiful you are is so sweet and shows just how humble you are! Why am I telling you all this in your blog? Because everyone who reads this should know if they don't, how wonderful you are. Friends do not always take the time to share the good about each other. But now I am, and I am sharing it with everyone who reads this. You deserve the props! It has been a rough couple of years for you. These traits, and so many other wonderful ones, have shown in your time of difficulty. To say your best has come out in all this is the biggest compliment I can pay you!

By Anonymous Lee Ann, at 8:00 PM  

You are precious to say such sweet things. And as the person (outside of my blood family) who has known me the longest, you certainly have intimate knowledge of my journey. You made my day with this, you know.

By Blogger Chel, at 6:29 PM  

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