Chasing Contentment

Tuesday, February 27

So maybe this is our lazy week. I'm just going to do the bare minimum of laundry, and I'm going to read blogs and magazines. As I've been reading blogs, I found a new one or two (check out my new buttons).

And we're gonna watch lots of tv. Sometimes, you just have to give in and watch lots of tv. We've watched "American Idol," and I'm about to start voting. And now we're watching the new Fox show about being smarter than a fifth grader. I'm TiVo'ing it for Griff... he's going to think this is super.

I'm also going to answer Tami's fresh friday questions from last week that I didn't do then.
Plans this weekend: last weekend my parents flew in to visit, and this coming weekend, we're all Astros all the time as we take the kids to two spring training games
Song currently playing: whatever's on the Verizon ad
Favorite shade of food coloring: red
Cold cut of choice: cheese
Word most often used today: appears
Your middle name is: Michele
Your favorite office supply: paper clips
What did you eat for breakfast today: nothing (well, Diet Coke... but the yogurt I bought was the wrong kind & it was yucky)
If you were a film genre, what would you be: I have no idea
Complete this sentence: "I often wonder why they don't make Advil patches that give you a nice, small dose all the time." (The TMJ contributes to this thought.)

[  posted by Chel on Tuesday, February 27, 2007  ]


i would TOTALLY buy advil/motrin patches from you if you could get them made!

By Blogger shoelessruth, at 6:20 PM  

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