Chasing Contentment

Tuesday, March 6

I've been delighted to have had so many lovely comments this week from the Blog Party. I've had some that I've wanted to leave responses to, but, of course, I haven't gotten to it (it's been a bit of a difficult week this week). So I'm just going to post all of them here... Enjoy... And thanks so much for visiting. I've been honored.

Let's see... First, thanks to everyone who complimented my jewelry. I am still a bit amazed that I can make things that are pretty and sturdy enough to wear. It was more a surprise to me than to anyone else. And Lissete, it's easy to get started. Start small and build up... put the beads together however they look good to you.

Carrie, we're not from Texas, but we just moved to Florida from Louisiana, and Mike grew up in Baton Rouge listening to the Astros on the radio & watching them on tv. He's currently teaching a night class to earn the money to pay for the MLB package on Direct TV. And we're loving spring training. Mike and Griff are skipping school tomorrow to go to the game.

And to those of you who were so kind as to leave encouraging comments about Griff (and me) finding friends. I am deeply appreciative of the prayers.

Enjoy your continued blog partying.

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