Chasing Contentment

Sunday, May 6

The beach was so much fun. I do love the beach... there's something freeing about it. Work and homesickness and whatever else just fall away.

Of course, it wouldn't be 'us' if there wasn't something a little wonky going on. So, here are my funny beach stories, just for you, Mandy.

When we got there, we went down to the beach to walk around a bit, and at some point, someone said something about not remembering to bring something. I took that moment to ask Mike if he'd remembered to bring his, um... foundational garments. Not so much. Last year, when we went to the beach, his brother forgot to pack his underwear, so now it's gonna be a joke forever that one of them is gonna have to go to the outlet store and buy some 'slightly irregular' underwear. (And in an effort to maintain Mike's dignity, I won't describe the 'slightly irregular,' but suffice it to say that Griff and I both laughed so hard we coulde barely breathe.)

And as we were leaving said outlet store, Mike had the van door lifted to put his purchases in, and I walked into the door. Yeah, you read that right. I walked into the door. I've got a nice little line bruise on my left cheekbone.

So, after dinner, we went to the beach for a while and then to the pool. We're having a good time, right, playing and having fun. Griff's on my back, and Mike comes up behind me and throws Griff over me. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Except that Griff didn't quite clear me, and I took a knee to the head. Things went all black for a moment and a little swirly for a bit after that. I was dizzy and sick at my stomach all night long.

The next morning, I still wasn't feeling so great, and Mike said, "you don't think I gave you a concussion, do you? If I had the laptop, I'd Google it." So, of course, I called Mandy, who Googled it for me. So once I got enough Advil in me and enough food to even out my equilibrium, I felt okay. And we laughed all weekend about how Mike gave me a concussion.

And in the go-mama category, there was a group of teenagers on the beach near us Friday evening. There were lots of stingrays in the water this weekend (which is gonna freak my grandmother out when I tell her), and it was kinda neat to see them (you know... from a distance... I'm not so much on nature getting too close to me). In this group of teens, one girl took a rock and threw it and hit one of the stingrays.

Now, this was right in front of all of my kids, and I just flipped. She picked it up and began to walk it out of the water. Before I knew it, I was yelling at her to put it back in the water. Thankfully, her chaperone came up and told her the same thing before my head really started to spin around. Look at me... standing up for wildlife. (And that was before the concussion.)

So, that's our beach weekend. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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Thanks for the laugh!! I, too, love the beach -- living in South Florida has its benefits :)

Fortunately, I have no stories that involve a concussion...

Glad you had fun!!

By Blogger Kat, at 6:19 PM  

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