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Friday, June 29

For the first time in forever, I've made some new pieces of jewelry, and I remember how much I enjoy the process. Here are some pictures of the results of this week.
This bracelet is made with pink and purple mother of pearl shells with a sterling toggle.
This necklace has a prayer box pendant that I think is really great.

And this is my funky bracelet for the week. It's got colored glass beads and lampwork bubble beads with a way cool sterling pendant and bug dangle.

I also made a very groovy ankle bracelet for the summer, but it fell behind the shoe case in my closet this morning, so no pictures yet. One of my weekend projects will be to move that so I can get the bracelet.

If I had any business sense at all, I'd figure out how to promote my jewelry website and sell more jewelry than I give away (my current business model).

[  posted by Chel on Friday, June 29, 2007  ]


Oooo, so pretty! I'm waiting for the perfect piece because I would LOVE to buy a piece!! :)

By Blogger it's me, Val, at 7:15 PM  

Tell me what colors you like, and go to the website and tell me which styles you like. I'll make something just for you.

By Blogger Chel, at 4:45 PM  

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