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Friday, June 15

It's been a busy week here...

Last Sunday afternoon, we finally found a Wii and bought it for Griff for his birthday. Pretty much, we've spent all week working to find time to play. I swear, I hate video games, but this thing is addictive. We're all playing. I'm playing so much that I've got Wii ankle from stepping into my swing on Wii baseball (Mike's got Wii elbow from playing too much Wii tennis)... how embarrassing is that?! But we've had a good time!

On the job front, I had the interview for the administrative assistant position at my company, and I didn't get it (I didn't actually have any experience in that particular division), but the vice president did call me today and tell me that she was going to keep my resume and recommend me if something else came up in her area, which I thought was good.

I also got called today for a group interview (which is a nutty concept) for a community relations position at a local community college. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to go because 'community relations' seems to be code for 'admissions counselor,' and I'm not that bad off at work now.

And I can honestly say that I now have two work friends, and that's progress. It makes me smile to realize that I've met really neat people who seem to really like me.

This Sunday, Griff turns nine, and I can hardly believe he's that old! We've got the cousins this weekend for the celebration, and I suppose I should go make dinner for all of us.

Or I could get in line to play the winner of this Wii baseball game.

[  posted by Chel on Friday, June 15, 2007  ]


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