Chasing Contentment

Wednesday, June 20

A year ago this week, we were all staying with Mandy and Josh waiting for the van to get fixed, so we could make the trip here to Florida. It was a long, stressful week in which the bright spot was Mandy and Josh's hospitality.

This week, they're hosting us again. Well, some of us. Griff and Mike flew back there yesterday and are spending the week visiting with friends. They got to meet Olivia yesterday, and Josh said Griff played with Olivia just great.

I got an email today from Griff's friend's mom...
Michele - Griff is with us and we are having a great time. It is sooo good to see them together again. We ate at Picadilly for lunch today and Griff was so happy. They are presently watching "Bridge to Terabithia." And then off to baseball practice. I promised snow cones on the way! It's like he and Will were never separated. Thanks again for letting him stay with us. D

I cannot express how happy that makes me. Now, it makes me cry...wish we weren't all separated - both my little family and our family and friends...wish I were there, too... wish things weren't so hard here. But in the end, this trip was for Griff, and I know it's doing him good.

Our new habit in the mornings is for Mike to tell me on my way out the door, "don't quit today." It's a half-teasing, half-truthful request. This morning, I checked my email to see if Josh had sent photos of Griff and Olivia (he hadn't... having too much fun playing with them, I guess) and was delighted to find an email from Mike... reminding me not to quit to day. It made me smile.

I assured him I would go in tomorrow but could not promise to stay. Now that I've got a memo in my file about something I did wrong (apparently, the mythical 'permanent record' exists in my new company) along with a formal complaint about me, the company may decide to let me go. If they'd go ahead with it, Eliza and I could spend the rest of the week watching "Dora" in our jammies. I'd be okay with that.

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I know. . . being separated from friends sucks, to put it lightly. Three of my best friends all moved within one month last year. It was very hard. But my feeling is, you don't have to be near each other in distance to be near each other at heart. And if you do have to be close in order to be close, then to me, they really aren't that great of a friend. You'll have your friends forever, just not so nearby, but this makes your times with them that much more special. I know because I'm experiencing the same thing ...

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