Chasing Contentment

Monday, July 9

So it's 4:30 in the morning here, and Griff's been up for the last couple of hours very ill. Poor baby. He is just so pitiful. We've run through a range of possible illnesses - from an allergic reaction to a virus since he says his throat's sore like mine - and now I'm up worrying that he might have appedicitis (I did as a kid). Why is it that mamas pray more in the middle of the night than any other time?

I'm trying really hard to embrace the fact that we're here and we're not leaving and that we need to build a life here, and I'm doing better at it. When something like this happens, I wish we still lived where I knew my pediatrician well and where I knew I had people who could help us without question. It's a little lonely to feel like it's just me and Mike in this together. I'm very much an 'it takes a village' sort of girl.

It's been almost 10 minutes since he got out of bed last, so I'm hoping maybe he can get some sleep. I'm calling my supervisor's voice mail now to let her know I won't be in tomorrow.

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