Chasing Contentment

Thursday, August 9

It was a long day. I'm sitting on the sofa with the laptop watching "Cash Cab" with Griff while Mike sweeps and Eliza moons each of us in turn (such a lovely gesture for a little Southern girl).

We've been here for more than a year, so it seemed like a good time to see an allergist/asthma doctor, so I went this morning. And while I like the doctor and his staff, it was a hard morning. I failed the first asthma test, had to do a nebulizer treatment, did the second asthma test, did the back test for allergies, didn't test positively for anything and then had to do the second allergy test.

The second allergy test consisted of me crossing my arms in front of my chest while a nurse on either side of me took 45 needles to my arms. So they could tell me the good news that I'm not allergic to anything. It was a hard-earned bit of good news, in my opinion.

But the bad news is that my asthma is completely uncontrolled and that I need to add a series of meds to control it. So I've started on the meds, and I'm worn out, not to mention a little sore.

So I'm going to sit right here on the sofa and watch an hour of "Designing Women," one of my alltime favorite shows.

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