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Saturday, August 18

Last week, Griff saw the same allergist/asthma doc I saw the week before, and the testing yielded good and bad results. The good is that he's grown out of several of his food allergies - including eggs, which thrilled him. He also did not test positive for fish, and so we're having the salmon he requested tonight. Mike will grill it on our grill, so it's a very controlled situation.

I'm sure I'll be too nervous to enjoy my meal, but he's pretty excited about it.

He did test positively for several airborne allergies which is new. He'll have to start shots here in a few weeks. Thankfully, the child has the highest pain tolerance I've ever seen in a kid. I've always believed that God knew Griff would have some medical things to overcome, and His grace was to give him the ability to withstand the pain.

The bad news was that the allergies he still has - peanuts and shellfish especially - are worsening. The doctor said Griff should never be more than three to four minutes away from his Epi-pen, which is a sobering thought. But, in the end, we've been doing that for years, so it's not really as if anything will change for us.

Except that now, we get to have grilled salmon.

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Chel, how long have you noticed the allergies? I have them really bad and so does Neil. Every time I am congested and stuffed up, so is noah. I just KNOW he has them. He's only 3. Should I say something to his doc?? What do they do at such a young age? Shots are scary. He's too young for that, right?

By Blogger it's me, Val, at 7:59 AM  

Both of my kids were tested before they were three, but the food allergies are sometimes easier to determine simply because the reactions are more severe. But both of mine were also on prescription allergy meds before they were two because of the ever-present sniffling and ear infections (Griff also had tubes). If it's consistent with Noah, I'd see the pediatrician and ask about a daily med first. Something like Singulair (one of my faves... Griff, Eliza, and I are ALL on it now) is an easy one to give kids, and it's remarkable how much it helps. One little chewable a day changed our lives when Griff was little.

By Blogger Chel, at 8:33 AM  

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