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Friday, August 24

Mike and I started watching "Monk" years ago and convinced Mandy and Josh to give it a try, too (Now, I'm trying to convince them to watch "Psych" which Aleece and I both love.). And when I saw USA promoting the Monk bobblehead traveling the world, I wanted one so badly.

But I don't so much care where everyone's bobbleheads go. But how much fun would it be to send my own all over the place? With friends?

And so I sent one to Mandy as a surprise. The plan is that we're going to take the bobblehead all sorts of groovy ... and blissfully mundane ... places with our families and take photos with the bobblehead and at least one member of our families. And we're going to mail the bobblehead and the photos back and forth so that we can create this funny, groovy album of photos through the years. I can hardly wait!

Mandy took the first picture yesterday of Olivia wearing her Green Bay jersey for the game on television. Seems perfect that our little Olivia is our first Monk bobblehead photo girl.

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Too funny. We have this Santa that we used to hide around the house. I'd hide it in her sock drawer and then it would appear in my car. So much fun. This looks like a blast!!!!

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