Chasing Contentment

Sunday, September 9

As a quick follow-up to Thursday's post, thank you to those who left (and emailed) such sweet comments. I appreciate the encouragement.

I knew that because last week was really hard at work, I would need to go into the office this weekend, but I really didn't want to. I stayed home yesterday, and we weeded the front flower beds (no small task as we were beginning to look like we were promoting some sort of free-growth jungle theme) and then we all headed out to the library and to this groovy new place near us for Italian ices.

Mike grilled these fabulous fish fillets that I turned into even better fish tacos which promptly gave Griff the worst allergic reaction we've seen in quite some time (note to self... only buy fresh fish, not frozen).

So, when I woke up this morning, I knew that I didn't so much want to go to work today. Sitting in the service this morning, the minister spoke from the 23rd Psalm. He talked about how our society is so riddled with worry and fear (lucky he didn't ask for a show of hands or I'd have had to raise both of mine), and he reminded us that God says to be anxious for nothing.

It's my choice to be afraid. I have to remember that sometimes. He talked about how the words "goodness" and "mercy" stood for other things... that God's goodness means He will provide for us, supply us with all our needs and help us always and that His mercy means He will pardon us, soothe and heal us. I often long for soothing, and I suspect I find it lacking because I'm not always looking in the right place.

And as I was dreading going to work, feeling a renewed sense of hatred for my job and annoyance at being stuck in it, he said something that reminded me again of why I think I'm where I am now. He said that we are all God's gift of grace to those around us.

A co-worker said last week that I always seem so happy. I often feel like I'm not the best Christian representative in this environment, but I think that if I seem content, I'm doing okay. And I'm going to stick up a little note in my cubicle that says "GRACE" to remind me of why I think I'm there.

I'll put it next to the cute little picture Eliza painted in daycare, the Hallmark Mandy sent me that makes me laugh and the quote from Jim Halpert in "The Office" ("Right now, this is a job. If I advance any further, this would be my career, and if this were my career, I'd have to throw myself in front of a train.").

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I LOVE that, Chel. How you are at work to show God's grace to those around us. That's awesome and amazing and this sermon was meant for you to hear . . . because it was spoken for you . . . for so many, really, I'm sure :) What a great message. I love it.

So, my next observation . . . the fish tacos. Can I get the recipe? Sounds yum!

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