Chasing Contentment

Thursday, September 27

Fourth grade is kicking our collective tushies. Monday, Griff had a rough draft due of a report on WWII weapons. Tomorrow, he has a science project on the water cycle due, and in between, we've had to learn his spelling words.

Which are...atrocious, rotten, lousy, wicked, villianous, fiendish, diabolical, beastly, barbaric, awful, shameful, slanderous, outrageous, monstrous, desperate, disgraceful, and backbiting. These are not easy words!

And all the while, I've been trying to watch new tv. For Jessica, here's my latest tv update...

Loved "CSI:NY" and I can hardly, hardly wait for tv tonight. The new "CSI" along with "The Office" and "My Name is Earl." Yum-o tv, in the words of Rachael Ray.

And while I said I wasn't going to add any new shows this season, I may have been wrong. I really liked the pilot for "Chuck."

Gotta go... my CSI anticipation is building.

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