Chasing Contentment

Thursday, September 6

It's been an overwhelming and difficult few weeks here, what with HR and workload issues at work and all of the information and updates on Griff at school. I've got all of these lovely blog posts in my head, but by the time I manage to get to the computer each evening, I'm way too tired to write.

I feel quite certain I'm in this current job for a reason. I believe that if God didn't have a purpose in putting - and keeping - me there, I would have gotten other interviews and offers. And I find it interesting that the friends I have made are not friends I normally would have had. And I hope that God is using me in the lives of the people around me.

It's nice, now that I've been there a year, that I see familiar faces on the elevator and that there are people who know my name and who are pleasant to chat with in the walkways. There's such a comfort for me in familiarity.

The girl I am closest to is someone who, God bless her, asked me to lunch one day, despite the fact that we have far more differences than similarities. She's at least a decade younger than I am, with no children, no college degree, and newly married. But I am so glad to have a friend!

The people around me are not Christians. The only girl who readily admits her Christianity pushes it, and she's not generally respected for it. Now, I know people who believe that's the way to go, but I'm more comfortable with a less-is-more approach.

And there must be something about me that works, that assures or reassures people. I'm not at all sure what that something might be.

When we were in our training class, a little girl who is much younger than I am (I say that a lot, don't I?) pulled me aside one day and asked me a very personal question. She and I were not overly friendly prior to that... or really, after, come to think of it.

When I took over my desk and began sitting next to a lady my age, I had only been there a few days, when she rolled her chair over to my desk and burst into tears, telling me that her husband had quit his job.

And when I moved to the desk I'm at now, I had only been there a few days when the girl I sit next to now rolled over and told me that her husband wanted to have another baby. Both of these are things I wouldn't tell to a relative stranger if it was me.

And yet, I've had the opportunity to share a bit with two of these girls about my faith. That can't be a coincidence.

An old friend of mine is having some problems in her life right now, and we've been in contact more than usual. This happens to me sometimes. I don't mind, but I was asking Mike the other day if he thought I was a 'conflict girl.' You know, someone drawn to conflict, to being needed.

God bless him, he said he thought it was more than I was comforting. I hope so.

Yesterday, Val mentioned me on her blog, Purple Valley, as someone who has become a friend, entirely online. I was so touched! She gave me some groovy "Blog-i-licious Love." And she even did this neat photo collage of me and Mike. How delightful that someone who knows me entirely through this venue trusts and values me.

There's gotta be something about me that works, that assures or reassures people. And whatever it is, I'm grateful for it.

[  posted by Chel on Thursday, September 06, 2007  ]


Don't assume that everyone is like this. You clearly have a gift for comforting and listening. It is special, as are you.

By Anonymous geauxstros, at 4:12 PM  

Chel, I think that people see the Lord in you.
Perhaps one of your spiritual gifts is mercy?
Mercy is one of mine and people very often come to me with burdens.
Maybe they know you will pray for them and love them?

By Blogger A Dusty Frame, at 7:56 PM  

I nominated you for an award

By Blogger A Dusty Frame, at 8:14 PM  

Love your blog... so inspirational :) !!!

By Blogger Jessica Chapman, at 6:51 PM  

You and I have been given this personality that say, "Hey, I care." People seem to dump on me a lot too. I just had a lady this last week tell me something no one else in town knows. Will i keep it a secret? Absolutely. There is great comfort given when a person can find a listening ear they can trust. You have this ability and the ability to be fair and balanced, to quote a news channel. You "tell it like it is." People need that. I think you'd do a better job at being nice about it than Dr. Phil does. Sometimes he goes a bit too far. You'd be perfect. :)

By Blogger The Pastor, at 9:04 PM  

Chel, I'm the same way as you. I don't intentionally do this, but I think people come to me for things such as this, too. Maybe they find our words comforting or just being with us comforting. Whatever it is, I'm grateful for it, because it really is a gift from above. And for me, I think I have seen this in you . . . how we are so alike and how I can relate to you and what you feel, so often. We're two totally different people from two totally different parts of the US, but then again, we're SO ALIKE and really, this world isn't as big as it seems. I'm so glad I met you!! And you deserve the blog award! :)


By Blogger it's me, Val, at 8:30 PM  

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