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Tuesday, September 25

Jessica asked what I was watching on tv... silly girl. So I'll tell. But everyone should bear in mind that I am WELL known for watching bad tv. Now, some of my choices are FAB, but some are just guilty pleasures. So she asked & I love tv, so here goes...

Sundays, we don't watch anything. We catch up on TiVo stuff we didn't watch through the week or Netflix movies ... or we could do something crazy like read.

Mondays, we watch CBS stuff. We watch "Two and a Half Men" and "CSI: Miami." The first is crude and rude and not at all family-friendly. But we laughed so hard, I thought I'd spit Diet Coke. And that is the least well-done and most cheesy of the CSI shows. But I kinda like cheesy.

Tuesdays, we watch "House," though we missed it tonight while we were at the PTO meeting. The plan is to watch tomorrow night. And then, we watch "SVU." I know... I'd think horrible things were going to happen less often if I watched that less, but now I can't give it up.

I'll update you with other shows as the week goes on. We also fill in with reruns of "Designing Women" and lots of Discovery with Griff. We watch "Cash Cab," "Dirty Jobs," and "Mythbusters."

I'm slow to add new shows... I've got plenty of 'old' shows. But I may add "Heroes" for a bit because Kristen Bell is on it now, and I LOVED "Veronica Mars."

I may also may watch some "Without a Trace" while James Marsters is guest starring. He was Spike on "Buffy," and I spent every Tuesday night for seven years watching "Buffy."

You don't do that without being a tv junkie. :)

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