Chasing Contentment

Tuesday, September 25

We had the first PTO meeting and open house at Griff's new school tonight. We've got to be the only parents of a straight-A, 'gifted' student who left more worried than when we arrived.

Fourth grade is really hard in general, but we've added all of these concerns about Griff's physical development, and it can be a little overwhelming. I'm meeting with the gifted teacher, his regular teacher, and the occupational therapist (I think) on Thursday, so I'm hoping we'll get some better direction at that time.

We really just want to help Griff to be as comfortable in school as he can be socially and as successful as he can be academically. So often, it's felt like he's got way too much for a little boy. Between the allergies and the asthma and the toe-walking and the moving and the... on and on.

But we know it's our job as parents to make this home as happy and comfortable as safe as possible so that he's content with who he is (which he undoubtably is, for better or worse), and it's also our job to make sure that we do all we can to help him.

He's gonna be this amazing man when he grows up (Mike says he didn't really come into his own until college... which is, of course, when I met him). We just have to figure out how to get him from nine to grown-up with his heart intact.

... and so I don't leave on a sad note, here is a sampling of his haikus. (Bear in mind that in his entire school - pre-k through sixth grade - there are only about 10 gifted kids. In the entire fourth grade, there are three... Griff and two girls. The girls' haikus were about butterflies and birds and such.)

Gross! is the game
I am disgusting, Uh-huh
Yes, oh, yes! It's BLEH!

Some little kid songs
Can get inside people's heads
And drive them crazy.

I can sing Poison
But not very well. Gypsies
don't sing well at all.

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