Chasing Contentment

Sunday, October 14

As a quick follow-up to yesterday's post about Griff...

I really do believe that one of the reasons God put us here in Florida is to give us access to the kind of healthcare that Griff may need. The pediatric neurologist we'll be seeing is in Tampa, which is about 45 minutes away from us. If we had still been in Louisiana, we would have most likely had to take him to New Orleans, which is four hours away.

I've always said that - even as I was deep into hating my job - I believed that God had specific reasons for putting us here, even if I didn't know what they were. I think that part of faith is trusting that God will reveal His intentions in time if we will just keep plodding along the path He lays out for us.

And while I have no idea what His end purpose for us is, I do feel a sense of calm and reassurance thanks to this little signpost from Him that we're on the right path. Even if it feels like a rocky and jagged path at times. As long as I believe that we're on His path, I'd rather be here with it all jagged and difficult than on my own path, easier though it might have felt at the time.

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I'll be mom and dad are in Zephyrhills...

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