Chasing Contentment

Thursday, October 18

It's an exciting day here in our family. Mandy, Josh, and Olivia are flying out mid-morning to come spend several days with us, and we are all just beside ourselves with anticipation. (Griff's teacher emailed earlier this week to tell me that she was having trouble keeping him on task & I had to admit that it was pretty much a family-wide affliction this week.)

Griff and Mike are both off tomorrow, and we're keeping Griff out of school on Monday (partially for his doctor's appointment and partially because I think life's too short to have perfect attendance). I've taken off work, and this is the longest I've been off since I started this job. I feel just full of freedom!

Olivia, of course, had to scare us by getting sick, but she seems well enough to travel, so we're all praying for safe flights and a happy baby.

While I'm cleaning the house and doing laundry this morning, I'm praying, too, for my friend, LeeAnn, and her family. As it turns out, her son is being tested today for dysgraphia, the very condition that tipped Griff's teachers to the possibility of him having something greater. My prayer for them is that the day go easily and that they get helpful news that will make things easier for their sweet little boy.

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