Chasing Contentment

Wednesday, November 14

A quick update on us...
Griff's MRI results came back normal, and we are so thankful. We will now do the bloodtest and get an appointment with the orthopaedist.

My parents are coming to visit on Sunday, and they'll be with us through Thanksgiving. That's a long time to have extra people in the house, but I know they're looking forward to the time with the kids.

The weather changed here last week (and please don't be mistaken... all that means is that now the highs are in the high 70s to low 80s and the lows are in the 50s), and we slept with the windows open because it felt so fabulous, and now I'm sick. I was coughing so badly today that people on the other side of the floor came to check on me (which is sweet but embarassing). I've got an appointment with my asthma doc tomorrow morning.

Mike's been put in charge of two different committees within his department, and while he's annoyed at the vast amount of organization involved, I'm proud of him. That tells me his new people are pleased with the work he's doing.

I've got orders for five bracelets for Christmas, so I've gotta get busy. But I do love that initial phase of envisioning what I want them to be. And someone won the drawing and will be getting my groovy pearl necklace in the mail here soon.

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